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Lise Kryger 2014

Who am I

Lise Kryger, Illustrator
Finding my inspiration in nature, doodles curves out of my hand and down on paper.

I am living with my husband and my son in a little house by the sea. Every day I see wave after wave that is coming to the shore and withdraws time after time.

Like a breath from the deepest water, the mind becomes silent with the curves from my hand.

I always thought that I had to draw perfect. But I had to let go to discover the joy and peace of drawing.

Lise Kryger
Århus, Denmark

By the way… this is also, what I am doing:

I have from I was 15 years old suffered from social anxiety. Since then, I have created a website, for people, who need to know more about what anxiety is, and how to let go of it. You can see my site here:

Slip Angsten: Slipangsten.dk

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    8250 Egå, Denmark

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